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Sunday, September 22, 2019

After one hundred and seventy-six years, on September 21, 2019, a promise was kept when a deed was transferred in Upper Sandusky, Wyandot County, Ohio

Indeed one of the most prominent news stories of this past week taking place in Ohio might have also been the oldest in terms of its history; because it was 176 years in the making to happen.  
The reports spotlight the significance of the long awaited transfer of the deed to the Wyandotte Indian mission church and cemetery located in Upper Sandusky, Wyandot County, Ohio.  The deed was delivered by representatives of the United Methodist Church to the rightful owners -- the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma.

Transfer of historic deed story - "The Atlanta Journal-Constitution"
Excerpt from story.:
"The United Methodist Church on Saturday afternoon returned sacred land to the Wyandotte  Nation.
The land in Ohio has been held in trust for 176 years by the UMC’s Global Ministries, which is based in Atlanta."
"The transfer of  roughly three acres of land in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, includes a stone church built in 1824 and a cemetery."
From the "Toledo Blade" - September 20, 2019 

Old Mission Cemetery on "Find A Grave".
Sharing this link on "Find A Grave" for the last of the original Wyandotte Indians in Ohio.: 
Mrs. Margaret Young (Solomon Grey Eyes) “Mother” Grey Eyes Solomon


My special thanks to Susan Hoffman Matthews for her kind permission to share her photo below of the Wyandotte Indian Princess who took part in the event by reciting the "Lord's Prayer" in tribal sign language.  Susan stated that several hundred people were in attendance at all of the events marking this historic moment.