Monday, February 2, 2015

Sharing News of a New Facebook Group Created for Szczepankiewicz Family Genealogy

I have started a closed Facebook Group for Szczepankiewicz Family Genealogy for anyone who has connections to this surname.  

Inviting anyone who has Szczepankiewicz as a surname in their ancestry, and is interested in connecting with others who also have Szczepankiewicz ancestors, to please consider joining! 

I know of two sons in a Szczepankiewicz family that changed their surname to Stevens:

Marion F. Stevens 

My maternal great-grandmother was Antonina Szczepankiewicz.

My maternal grandmother was Josephine Szczepankiewicz who married Andrew Zagorsky in 1908 in Lorain, Ohio.

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Below is the Polish birth record for Antonina Szczepankiewicz buried at Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Lorain, Ohio:

Thanking Julie Szczepankiewicz and Joe Malachowski for their help in obtaining this record and for their important help in transcribing it.

The following birth information is from LDS microfilm Roll # 2161267:

"Antonina's baptismal record for you: Miłaczew. 19. On the second of May in the 1st hour of the afternoon I baptized a child named Antonina, daughter of Józef Szczepankiewicz, age 45, and Petronella … (, age 35, born on the 26th day of April in the 10th hour at night. Godparents were Jakob Turkowski (?) and Tekla (?) Maniewska (?) of Miłaczew. 

The word "Miłaczew" in the margin of the document usually indicates the village where the baby was actually born, since it's understood that the baptism took place at the parish church, which in this case is in Złotków. 

The number 19 signifies that Antonina was the 19th baby baptized in the parish that year. They just numbered them chronologically and then used those numbers to create an annual index.."
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