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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Transforming the gravesite monument of 2nd great-grandparents and their infant daughter meant saving them

The once grand monument with a bible and prayer book carved on its top, marks the gravesites of my second great-grandparents on the Duvall side of my family.  Sadly, however, it had developed condition issues that could no longer be ignored for many reasons. It needed much more help than I alone could give it. 
My second great-grandparents were Jeremiah Duvall and Sigariah (Simmons) Duvall of Pickaway County, Ohio. 
Jeremiah, his wife Sigariah, and their infant daughter who died October 29, 1843 at age 1 day, were buried at the Forest Cemetery in Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio.  
Sigariah (Simmons) Duvall's father was Stephen Simmons, a War of 1812 veteran.
The base of the Jeremiah and Sigariah Duvall monument had been severely cracked and sinking for several years. The structure of the base was compromised.  Its ability to keep the monument standing straight was undermined because of it.
Also, the monument needed additional cleaning. It had been a couple of years since it was cleaned with "D/2 Biological Solution".  
Propped up next to the monument was the small broken marker for Jeremiah and Sigariah Duvall's unnamed "Infant Daughter." It had cracked off at its base just below ground level. 
The photo below shows the infant's marker next to the monument several years prior to restoration.:  

The side-by-side photos below of before and after cleaning, repairing, and the resetting work was completed, tell the story of the total transformation that took place for these two Duvall grave markers. They also received more support and protection from weed whackers and lawnmowers with the addition of an underlying concrete pad.:
 Additional photos  
following the completion
 of all of the needed
 transformative tasks.
The transformation work for Jeremiah and Sigariah Duvall's monument and their unnamed infant daughter's marker was completed by:
Mark Smith, gravestone conservator and owner of 
"Gravestone Transformations.":