Monday, July 31, 2017

"Pickaway Places" -- A Renewed Focus Placed on the Christian Cemetery in Williamsport, Ohio

It has been a few years since this blog featured  stories about the Christian Cemetery and its restoration work done around 2007, but this early burial ground is once again the focus of a feature article in the "Circleville Herald" in Pickaway County published online on July 29, 2017.  

Yes, much work was completed at this old Christian Cemetery and overall the cemetery has benefitted.  

Unfortunately, however, I fear that some bleach was used to clean the white marble gravestones.  Much more appropriate products should have been chosen for cleaning them such as Orvus Paste (Orvus Paste is often used as a shampoo for horses or soap to clean quilts) or D/2 Biological Solution.  
You can find the Christian Cemetery on "Find A Grave" with 290 interments listed for it. There are three outstanding photo requests for grave marker photos.  
The Christian Cemetery is a smaller size cemetery that holds its unique significant historical influence on the surrounding community.  It deserves to be kept in good repair in all ways to protect and preserve its history.  


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