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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scott Andersen's Update on his work at the Dean Cemetery, Buckskin Township, Ross County, Ohio

September 21, 2011, Update from Scott Andersen:

"It rained all morning here, so we only went out to the cemetery for an hour or so this afternoon.

Rather than cut brush, we decided to have a closer look at the stones we uncovered yesterday.

There were several that were just plain worn down, and for the time being, unreadable. However, there were a good number that we could read."

We found:

Benjamin Brackney, died 1826

(gravestone photo already on Find A Grave)

(gravestone photo already on Find A Grave)

James H. Dean, 1822-1840

(gravestone photo already on "Find A Grave" - but needs a better one) 

William Lawhead, 1755-1823 
(gravestone photo already on "Find A Grave" - but needs a better one) 

(gravestone photo already on "Find A Grave"
A beautifully carved stone!) 

Alexander Wallace, 1803-1828
and most significantly

"Abraham Dean is one of those Revolutionary Veterans who has a monument over at the South Salem Cemetery.

This gives me hope that we may actually find Robert Dickey's stone in the cemetery as we continue to cut brush.

Abraham's son, James Dean, not the James H. Dean we found today, married one of Robert Dickey's daughters, and this is how my family is linked to the Deans.

Nelle Miller's middle name was Dean, so I think these families had close bonds for many years."

Additional Note:

Hopefully, Scott will also locate a gravestone for James McGinnis (1744 - 1822) because currently there is a photo request for his gravestone posted on "Find A Grave".  He is also listed as a Revolutionary War Veteran