Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sharing a Message from Fayette County, Ohio "Find A Grave" Contributor Gene Wilt

"Linda; Thank you very much for this kind and unexpected public recognition.

I have always liked cemeteries and decided a few years ago that with the economy the way it has been and with people relocating all over the world it would be very cost prohibitive for most people to be able to make a trip to our local community to try and find their relative's final resting place.

So I decided to try and visit my local cemeteries and take photos of all the head stones and as I get the time post them on Find A Grave which is such a great web site, and I'm so happy to be able to help others connect possibly with long lost relatives.

Thank You Again for the kind words.

I hope everyone has a very Happy & Safe New Year!"

Gene Wilt
Washington Court House
Fayette County, Ohio 43160

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spotlighting two cemeteries - Willow and North Oregon - in Oregon, Lucas County, Ohio

Spotlighting two historic cemeteries owned by the City of Oregon in Lucas County, Ohio.  
One is Willow Cemetery and the other is North Oregon Cemetery.   

For details and history of these two cemeteries click on the title.  

Click on their names above to link to their records on "Find A Grave."

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Monday, December 26, 2011

The History of the Warrensville West Cemetery - Shaker Heights, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Click on title to link to the website:  "" and their page dedicated to the Warrensville West Cemetery on Lee Road in Shaker Heights.  

Here you will read about its history, connection to the Shakers, and its alternative names.  

Some early photographs are also posted on the site.  A nice history is given about this Cleveland area Ohio Western Reserve cemetery that most certainly time would have forgotten if it were not for its location in an urban city like Shaker Heights.  

 Warrensville West Cemetery on "Find A Grave" currently lists 152 interments

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Sunday, December 25, 2011


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas today.  I hope you are spending at least some of it with your family or someone special in your life, or visting by phone or via the internet. 

My thank you to everybody following this blog.

A big thank you to everyone who has taken a step toward improving burial sites at Ohio cemeteries, whether it be a single burial site or at an entire cemetery. 
You know who you are!

It is my goal to learn more about your work and your success so we can share it with others and keep the ball rolling sort to speak.

I have a link here to a listing on for Ohio cemeteries.  

I was pleasantly surprised to see "Exploring Almost Forgotten Gravesites in Ohio" among those on the list.  I wasn't expecting it, but it is an honor I accept with humble appreciation. 

There are currently 28 links listed for this category on  So, please re-visit often as I'm sure the list will be growing.

Enjoy all the holidays and thank you so much for your ongoing support. 

Please keep up your important efforts with cemetery and gravesite preservation so even more Ohio gravesites will be saved!

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Featuring "Find A Grave" Contributor Gene Wilt of Fayette County, Ohio

I wish to post something a bit different today on my blog. 

I am dedicating this post along with my own thank you to a kind and helpful "Find A Grave" contributor who has, to date, taken 243 volunteer photos. 

He is Gene Wilt of Fayette County, Ohio. 

Click on title to be linked to Gene's profile page on "Find A Grave" and read more about him and his contributions. 

Gene is among thousands of "Find A Grave" contributors who have made locating the final resting places of our relatives and ancestors much quickier and easier.

His dedication to activities like walking his local cemeteries and photographing both newer monuments and fraile and faded flat markers alike has meant someone living a great distance away can have a virtual view of what their ancestor's grave monument or marker looks like. 

The gravestone photographs help make the online memorials more meaningful and add a visual connection.

Thank you, Gene, for all of your help with my photo requests in Fayette County. 

You have done a great job with your photography work and have promptly responded to my photo requests every time!


Merry Christmas to everyone who has contributed in some way on the website "Find A Grave"!!!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

$1,000 reward offered for information about vandalism that occurred at two Leetonia Cemeteries - Salem Township, Columbiana County, Ohio

Click on title to link to a November 19, 2011 news story from the "Salem News" about both the Oakdale Cemetery and Mt. Calvary Cemetery that suffered from recent vandalism damage.

Quoted from the newspaper story published online:

 "Village Police Chief John Soldano announced Friday a citizen who wished to remain anonymous had donated $1,000 for the reward."

  "He and Salem Township Constable Dan Valentine are working together in a joint investigation.
"Someone drove through both cemeteries, damaging headstones, reflector poles, wooden posts and some of the graves themselves, along with any mementoes left by family members for their loved ones final place of rest."

"Anyone with information about the acts of vandalism can call Soldano at:

 330-427-6731 or,

 call Valentine at 330-427-0808."

"Anyone wishing to contribute to increase the amount of the reward can also contact them at the phone numbers provided."


Currently, there are 834 interments listed for Oakdale Cemetery on "Find A Grave"
Mount Calvary Cemetery currently has 1,546 interments listed for it on "Find A Grave."

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Sharing photographs from the "Facebook" page of the Vienna Historical Society of the August, 2011 preservation work done at the Vienna Township Cemetery.

Click on title to access the "Facebook" page of the Vienna Historical Society, in Vienna Township, Trumbull County, Ohio. 

The page has many wonderful photographs posted showing their work done in August of 2011 at the Vienna Township Cemetery. 

Currently, the Vienna Township Center Cemetery, also known as the Vienna Memorial Cemetery, has 352 internments listed on "Find A Grave."

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Newton Township, Trumbull County, Ohio - Newton Township Cemetery Association Selling Calendars - Saturday, December 10, 2011 - 10a.m. to 4p.m. at Newton Falls High School.

Abstracted from the

"Newton Falls – Newton Township Cemetery Association members will be at this year’s Home 44444 the Holidays again on December 10th to sell their 2012 calendars which are their fund-raiser for the year.

The funds help in the repair and upkeep of the seven township cemeteries.

This year’s calendar is a compilation of etches of historic buildings in Newton Falls that were drawn by former Newton Falls art teacher, Mr. Edward Sinchak.
He will be attending the event to sign calendars. They are sold for $10.00 each.

Anyone interested in learning more about the association and what it does will be able to get the information at this time.

If you are unable to attend you may phone 330-872-3116 or 330-872-0236 to purchase calendars or for more information about the association."

Cemeteries managed by the Newton Township Trustees:

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Update on Dean Cemetery - Buckskin Township, Ross County, Ohio - Maps and More.

Scott Andersen has submitted additional photographs and details from his September, 2011 trip to the Dean Cemetery in Ross County. He and his wife, Venus, worked to clear weeds and other overgrowth from the Dean burial ground.  

Scott placed pieces of paper with numbers by the stones he found and wrote the corresponding numbers on a handrawn sketch he created as a preliminary map for the Dean Cemetery. 
Below are some of his results:

Above is a panoramic view of a portion of the Dean Cemetery
Above is Scott's preliminary sketch of the Dean Cemetery
Dean Cemetery
South Salem, Ross County, Ohio
From an exploration in September, 2011
By: Scott Andersen

1. Group of field stones along the south fence line.
These are not headstones, but they are cut or hewn stones.

2. Katherine Mark, 1807-1896.

This headstone has a poem on it, which I was not able to completely transcribe.

Katherine Mark
Died Nov 5 1896
In her 19 Year
“Remember Friends as You Pass….”

3. R. P. (Possibly this is Rachel Pummil 1779-1823)

4. John Milton.

John Milton
Daniel & Sa
Died Sep 22
In his 10 yr

This headstone is broken, and I believe that it should read:

John Milton son of
Daniel and Sarah
Died Sep 22 18XX
in his 10 year of age

5. Tall square marker, with “P. C.” inscribed upon it.
Also has a set of wings, and possibly a date.

6. Mary Brackney, 1778-1853. This headstone is in poor condition, cracked it two, and laying on the ground. There is more written on the stone beyond Benjamin Brackney’s name, but I was unable to transcribe it.

Wife of
Benjamin Brackney

7. Mary M. Lawhead, 1803-1833.
This headstone is on the ground, but is in good condition.

Mary M.
Wife of Thomas
Lawhead died Feb 11
1833 aged 30 years

8. William Lawhead, 1755-1823.
This headstone is in good condition, but is on the ground.

In memory of
William Lawhead
Who died Sep 29
1823 in his 66 year

9. Agnes Cunningham, 1757-1841.
This stone is in good condition

(Written as inscribed)
In memory of
Agnes wife of
Robert Cunning
Ham who departed
This life Aug 5th
1841 Aged 84
Years and 6 months

10. Samuel Cunningham, 1778-1845.
This headstone is in good condition

(Written as inscribed)
Samuel Cunning
Ham died June 9
Aged 57 yrs 8 mo.

11. Small stone, broken off at the surface behind Samuel Cunningham’s stone.

12. R:C
Broken in two pieces, and on the ground.

13. Portion of a headstone, no writing visible. On the ground.

14. A D

This stone is in good condition, but is just laying around loose.

It was leaned up against Abraham Dean’s headstone when discovered.

15. Abraham Dean 1763-1806, Revolutionary War Veteran.

This headstone is in good condition, but is leaning severely.

In Memory of
Abraham Dean
Who died May 10
In his 43 year

16. Group of cut fieldstones

17. Group of flat square stones, possibly the top of a grave.

18. Broken off headstone. No writing. On the ground.

19. Long rectangle of stone. No writing on exposed side. Another similar sized block abuts it, but is mostly buried.
(No. 20 - none)
21. H D
Stone in good condition, but has been broken off from its base.

22. Hannah Dean 1799-1828. This headstone is in good condition.

Memory of
Hannah wife of
John Dean
Who died April 19
1828 in her 29

23. J. H. D. This small headstone is just in front of James H. Dean’s headstone. It is in good condition, standing up, but leaning.

24. James H. Dean 1822-1840. This headstone is in good condition.

James H. Dean
August 14th 1840
Aged 18 years 4 mo
& 16 days

25. Stones in a plot. One piece appears to be a finial.

26. Mary Polly Depew Dickey, 1791-1816. This headstone is in excellent condition.

In Memory of Mary Dickey
who died May 2 1816
In the 25 year of her age
Ye young & gay come & see
The silent bed that waits for thee
Time was like you, we life possess’d
And time will be when you shall rest

27. Broken stone with no visible writing.

28. Alexander Wallace, 1803-1828.
This headstone is in good condition.
Memory of Alexander
Wallace who
died Sept the 4th 1828
Aged 25 years

29. John Wallace, 1765-1832.
This headstone is in overall good condition.

Difficult to read because of moss growth. Leaning back.

Memory of John Wall
Ace who died Feb 17
1832 Aged 67 Years

30. No visible writing. Otherwise, in good condition.

31. No visible writing. Otherwise, in good condition.

32. No visible writing. Somewhat 'pock marked.'

Headstone is leaning back, and could possibly have something written on its south side.

33. Headstone broken of near the surface.

34. Headstone fallen to the ground. No visible writing on exposed side.

35. M. D. Headstone is lying on the ground, but appears to be in good condition.
Below are photographs of some of the gravestones with identifying numbers:

#2 Above
#3, #4, and #5 Above

#7 Above
#8 Above
#9 Above
#15 Above
#26 Above
#28 Above
#30 Above


The Dean Cemetery currently has 26 memorials posted for it on "Find A Grave."

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Information about the Akey/Supler (United Brethren in Christ) Cemetery in Perry Township, Logan County, Ohio

The information below is from the Logan County Genealogical Society website: 

"To all: Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Some of you may be aware of the "saga" I have been going through for the past like 6 years (seems longer than that!) for the Akey/Supler (United
Brethren in Christ) Cemetery where the remains of our Henry Bolen still
rest. (Trying to reason with the owners to search out the cemtery, trying
to buy it, trying to help the township get it, trying to help the township
once they got permission to place a SMALL monument in a SMALL area in the very corner AWAY from the cemetery grounds, etc.) At any rate, at long last, friends of ours were able to purchase the ground including the
cemetery and, in keeping a promise they made to me if they ever got possession, I have been granted permission to "search" out the cemetery.

Having worked on several cemetery restoration projects in different counties in Ohio, we are VERY excited about this prospect! The current owners want to farm the surrounding land but are VERY interested in maintaining the integrity of the cemetery!

So, as we begin our "search" on the cemetery, I would greatly appreciate the forwarding to me of any information (not matter how small) that you may have relating to the cemetery....I and another lady in the township had worked to gather info for the township when they were trying to get possession of it and I will have that complete file but I am working to make sure that I have any and all information possible as we work on this project.

During the upcoming work time, we will keep everyone updated and if you live in the area or will be visiting the area and want to help, please contact me and we will work it out!!!!!!

937-935-2291 (me) 937-935-2583 (Matt - my husband)
937-666-5002 (home) (Matt's e-mail)

THANKS & I hope you are all as excited about this as I am!!!!!!!


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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Posting Photographs of the Mausoleums Damaged at Elmwood Cemetery - Lorain, Ohio

The "Lorain MorningJournal" has published a plea to find families affected by the destruction of the mausoleums at Elmwood Cemetery. 

The story was published on Thursday, November 10, 2011. 

Click on the newspaper name above to read the story.  

Unfortunately, as of November 26, 2011, many were already blocked in with cinder and cement blocks to ensure that further vandalism does not happen.  Thus, the mausoleums can no longer be entered by any remaining family members. 

Longer shot view of four of the Mausoleums that were broken into and were subjected to varying degrees of damage including removal of iron gate doors.  Also several structures sustained removal one way or another of their stained glass windows from the sides. 

The ones that had the iron railings over their stained glass windows were spared from being taken.  I imagine in some cases, the criminals used the larger windows to gain entrance to the inside so they could work out of view without being as easily detected to remove and steal the doors.

This is the largest mausoleum at Elmwood Cemetery. 
It belongs to the Thew family of Captain Richard Thew.  

The Nielsen Family mausoleum that was severely damaged at Elmwood Cemetery

Louis and Elizabeth Szanto mausoleum with its removed front door.

Close-up view of the stained glass window on the Szanto mausoleum that was spared during the vandalism attack. 

Mausoleum of A. T. Grills with door entrance blocked in as a permanent fixture now a part of  the structure that renders the opening unaccessible. 

Mausoleum of Harriet and William Little with blocked in front door opening.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Featuring the "Top 50 Contributors" of Memorials on "Find A Grave"

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and especially to all of the wonderful followers of this blog.  I appreciate your support so much!
In honor of Thanksgiving, please click on the title to link to the current "Top 50 Contributors" of memorials on "Find A Grave".  

"Find A Grave" also recognizes the "Top 50 Contributors" in the categories of Photographs, Photo Requests Fulfilled, Virtual Flowers, and Fame Ratings. The names are all listed in random order. 

I am in awe at the sheer numbers of contributions all of these people have made.  

I am pleased to see "Find A Grave" featuring their "Top 50" contributors, however, I know that whether the number of contributions have been great or small, each person who contributed has helped others to discover the burial locations or final destinations of friends, relatives, and ancestors. 

To my way of thinking, this is a 'win-win' outcome for everyone involved.  I hope it continues as long as we have the Internet!   


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Update on Butcher Cemetery - North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio

An update to report on concerning Butcher Cemetery in North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio.  It is now in its correct form. 

There had been 47 erroneously posted memorials on it for about 3 months.  The "Find A Grave" administrator has now removed them. 

I was told that my emails to them (I emailed them at both and ended up somehow in their SPAM folder.  I was just getting ready to mail all of the information to them in care of their physical address, so the timing of the notification was good. 

From what I have learned from reading the "Find A Grave" forums, it is best to send over no more than 5 requests at a time or your wait will be longer. 

It is always best to read the "FAQs" on "Find A Grave" as well as the forums for any updates made on this massive site that now boasts 71 million records.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spotlighting Springfield Township Cemetery, Holland, Lucas County, Ohio

Click on title to link to the official website for the Springfield Township Cemetery in Lucas County, Ohio.
There are currently 4,095 interments listed for the Springfield Township Cemetery on "Find A Grave."

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Honoring All Ohio Veterans on Veterans Day - November 11, 2011

Remembering and honoring all of the Ohio veterans, both past and present, on this Veterans' Day, 2011. 

Click on title to link to the "" site with information about the two veterans' homes in the state of Ohio. 

One is in Georgetown (Brown County) and the other one is in Sandusky (Erie County). 

Link to the Ohio Veterans' Home Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio on "Find A Grave."

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Update on Hillsboro Cemetery Vandalism - Reward raised to $2,500.00

Click on title to read an update in the October 19, 2011 issue of the Hillsboro "Times Gazette" ( about an increase in the reward being offered following the destruction of approximately 50 gravestones at the city cemetery in Hillsboro, Highland County, Ohio.

 The story was written by Assistant Editor, Jeff Gilliland. 

Abstracted from the story:
"Another anonymous donation has raised the reward to $2,500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for damaging headstones in the Hillsboro Cemetery on Oct. 7."

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vandals Steal Mausoleum Doors in Lorain Cemetery

Friday, November 4, 2011

Reporting Recent vandalism at Elmwood Cemetery in Lorain, Lorain County, Ohio

Click on title to read a breaking news story filed by Mr. Bruce Bishop that is featured this evening in the Elyria "Chronicle-Telegram" newspaper's online "ChronicleOnline". 
This sad story was also featured on local Cleveland television stations including Newsnet5 (ABC affiliate) during their 6p.m. newscast his evening.
Abstracted from the story:
"Seven mausoleums were damaged — Thew, J.M. Van Tilburg M.D., Tims, Nicholl, Szanto, Nielsen, Little and A.T. Grills."

Let's hope that the party or parties responsible for this vandalism crime will be apprehended soon so they do not continue at other area cemeteries.  I plan to keep up to date on any progress with finding them, and what Elmwood Cemetery is ultimately going to do to replace the pieces that were stolen.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Flagpole Dedication Coming Up at the Copley Cemetery -- Friday, November 11th at 11:00a.m., 2011 in Copley, Summit County, Ohio

Taken from the website:  ""

"Copley Cemetery, 3700 Copley Road, Copley. Flagpole Dedication.
A short ceremony will be held to dedicate the new 50-foot flagpole in the veterans section.
All are welcome to attend. 11 a.m. Nov. 11."

Currently, Copley Cemetery has 1,413 interments listed on the website "Find A Grave".

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Sharing a newspaper story about preserving Cleveland's Historic Cemeteries

Click on title to link to a story featured in "The Plain Dealer" that was published today entitled:  "Cleveland will tap endowment to fix historic cemeteries."

It is superbly written by Thomas Ott.  The depth of his presentation will certainly make readers more aware of the plight of Cleveland's cemeteries and their great need for further preservation.  Thankfully, many people have already stepped up to help make it happen for these early burial grounds.

Quoted from the story:

"Cleveland owns 12 cemeteries, 11 of them more than a century old. The cemeteries are home to about 400,000 departed. Only West Park and Cleveland Memorial Gardens, located in suburban Highland Hills, still have gravesites available for purchase."

The Cleveland City website identifies all of the cemeteries with their addresses and links to maps.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

New story about the Make-over of the 150-year old Middletown Cemetery, Middletown, Butler County, Ohio

Here is a heartwarming story from "" of Cincinnati that was posted online on October 24, 2011 about how private donations helped spur along the restoration of the historic Middletown Cemetery. 
A video accompanies the printed story. 
Abstracted from the story:

"If you'd like to donate to the Middletown Cemetery, you can do it through the City of Middletown.

You can send checks, marked for the Cemetery account, to:

City of Middletown
1 Donham Plaza
Middletown, Ohio 45042

9 News will keep you informed about the progress of renovating the cemetery's historic vault house and restoring the many damaged tombstones."

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Spotlighting "Tombstone Tuesday" on "Karen's Chatt"

Click on title to link to "Karen's Chatt" and her "Tombstone Tuesday" entries. 

Karen is Karen Miller Bennett. 
Here is her biography information taken from her website:

"I am a Board-certified genealogist, registrar of the Lima Chapter NSDAR, and a past trustee, officer, and committee chair of The Ohio Genealogical Society. My main interests are cemetery research, German research, lineage societies, technology, and the west-central Ohio and east-central Indiana areas. I am also a Registered Dental Hygienist. Look for a variety of blog subjects, from genealogy to my other interests of music, reading, bird watching, gardening, and dentistry."

"I’d love to hear from you! Please send me an email at"

Karen has a wonderful website!  I know I've enjoyed visiting it.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saving a small cemetery - A news story about the Alber / Crossview Cemetery in Seven Hills, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

From the "Parma Sun Post" as published online by "" on January 19, 2011:

"SEVEN HILLS The president of the historical society wants to be sure no unknown graves will be covered when a sidewalk is built on Rockside Road.

The county plans to build the sidewalk on the north side of Rockside, along part of which is the city-owned cemetery, known as Alber Cemetery, or Crossview Cemetery.

The sidewalk is part of a project to repave Rockside beginning in spring 2012.

The county engineer’s office is overseeing the job and is aware some sidewalk would go on land presently used as a cemetery. In December, the city gave the county an easement to land located east of North Crossview Road for the sidewalk. That easement was needed because the front boundary of the cemetery abuts Rockside.

“We are aware it is a cemetery,” Jamal Husani, chief transportation engineer for the county, said.

Judy O’Donnell, president of the Seven Hills Historical Society, said the county should be “extremely cautious because there might be (tomb)stones right there.”

O’Donnell said she launched an effort in the mid-2000s that persuaded the city to enforce ownership of the cemetery and to manage it.

She said Alber Cemetery dates back at least to 1852 and has at least one headstone and at least nine flat stones that likely were bases of headstones no longer there.

“You could pass it by and not know it’s there,” she said of the cemetery.

O’Donnell said the cemetery was more of a cemetery for a church once located next to it, than for a family. She said the real importance of the cemetery was that a Civil War Union veteran named Christian Link was buried there.

According to Husani, the new sidewalk was planned from Rockhaven Drive to Mural Drive, as well as from Broadview Road to Pinnacle Park Drive.

Also planned in the $4.3 million project is a decorative-style traffic signal mast arm at Crossview to be funded by the city, some curb repairs and driveway aprons. New sidewalks will put in where utility poles conflict with existing sidewalks, Husani said.
The cemetery is not the same as a cemetery known as Darrow Cemetery, located farther east by Old Rockside Road."

Currrently, "Find A Grave" has 4 burials for the Crossview Cemetery.

For more about the Alber / Crossview Cemetery, please view the following link from the "Ohio Cemetery Preservation Society" which provides an in-depth history: 

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spotlighting Pleasant Hill Cemetery - Pleasant Hill - Newton Township, Miami County, Ohio

The Pleasant Hill Cemetery, located on the western edge of the Village of Pleasant Hill (Miami County, Ohio), and on the north side of State Route 718, has a 2009 burial listing on the village's website.

Pleasant Hill Cemetery on "Find A Grave" currently has 4,827 interments posted online.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Preserving Our Stone Records" - Geauga County Public Library, Chardon, Ohio - Tuesday, November 8, 2011 - 7 p.m. presented by Cheryl McClellan

Fall and Winter are great seasons to attend workshops, seminars, and other programs that offer help and information with cemetery preservation issues. 

Presenting details about one coming up 
from the Geauga County Public Library's website:
"Preserving Our Stone Records"

"Learn how to evaluate, care for, and preserve or replace family tombstones as a legacy for future generations.

Tuesday, November 8, 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., at the meeting of the Geauga County Genealogical Society.

Registration not required.

110 East Park Street
Chardon, Ohio 44024
Telephone: 440-285-7601
Manager: Judith Smith
Fall/Winter Hours
Monday - Thursday - 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Friday and Saturday - 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sunday - 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Focusing on "Find A Grave's" Frequently Asked Questions & Thanking All Photo Volunteers!

Part of this post is to briefly focus on "Find A Grave's" Frequently Asked Questions

"Find A Grave" currently has 70 million grave records.  We know that the number is somewhat misleading as there are duplicates and errors posted in these numbers.  

"Find A Grave" is a massive site.  Due to its ever growing size, I feel contributors are waiting longer these days for the administrators to answer emails and make revisions that we request. 

I think it is a good idea to review the topics in the "FAQ's" routinely to keep curent with the changes to better understand them and know how they impact us. 

On a brighter note, my faith in "Find A Grave" has been restored this week thanks to the kindness of two photo volunteers who took photographs of gravestones and posted them soon after I submitted my requests. 

I wish to personally thank everyone who has ever taken a volunteer gravestone photograph.  The photograph brings so much joy to the requester and volunteer alike.  

Posting a gravestone photograph on a memorial that previously had none produces a win-win result for everyone.  Because of that photograph, we have more assurance the memory of our friends and loved ones will be properly honored and their lives will not be lost to history.