Friday, May 27, 2016

Reflecting on Our Memories of Memorial Days Gone By

As the years quietly pass by, we often reflect on our memories of the Memorial Days that we spent with loved ones; many who are no longer with us.

We fondly recall the various activities of the warm summer-like holiday from school and work when we sat around a picnic table with relatives and savored the inviting smells and tastes of the all-American barbecue and its traditional trimmings. The feast satisfied our over-sized hunger that came perhaps after a brisk morning walk to catch all of the hometown parade marching down our town's main street that boosted our community pride and raised our spirits in a special way.  

So I ask, as we reflect on Memorial Day, how many of us also remember the time spent visiting local cemeteries and the gravesites of fallen soldiers and sailors who died while serving our country?   

How many of us feel that partaking in that solemn activity was the most important one we shared with our parents and families? -- And the most important memory we have carried with us through the years of Memorial Days gone by?   

A look back at Memorial Day, 1908 in Greenfield Ohio and the surrounding community.  A day when no cemetery and its fallen veterans were forgotten:

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