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Friday, December 19, 2008

View of Jeremiah and Sigariah Duvall stone before and after cleaning

Before (left) and after (right) photographs of the Jeremiah and Sigariah (Simmons) Duvall tombstone at Forest Cemetery in Circleville, Ohio.

Cleaning on original tombstone by Linda and Ron Ellis in September of 2005.


Duvall, Jeremiah , died Jan 13, 1875, aged 60 ys 7 ms 2 ds and Sigariah Simmons , wife of Jeremiah, died Oct 13, 1903, aged 79 y 2 m 3d Duvall Bible records and the Pickaway County Probate records show that Jeremiah Duvall died January 13, 1875. However, Forest Cemetery records show January 22, 1886. So, apparently he was buried somewhere else prior to that date and then reinterred.

Bible records show his date of birth as June 11, 1814.

Jeremiah Duvall Bible records her date of birth as August 5, 1824 (not 10 Aug 1824). They were married January 19, 1843.

Jeremiah Duvall's license reads:
The license of Jeremiah Duvall as an Exhorter in the Methodist Episcopal Church is hereby renewed by order of the Quarterly Meeting Conference of South Bloomfield Circuit, Lancaster Ohio Annual Conference. Dated September 20, 1873 and signed by W. L. Harvey, Presiding Elder.

Sigariah Simmons Duvall died October 13, 1903.

Jeremiah and Sigariah (Simmons) Duvall are my great-great grandparents.