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Friday, July 24, 2009

Gilboa Cemetery - Paint Township - Highland County, Ohio - New Book published by Marianna Kerns Morgan

Marianna Kerns Morgan of Chillicothe, Ohio has published a new book entitled:

"GILBOA CEMETERY - A Story of the Lives, the Accomplishments, the Final Resting Place of Many of the Early Settlers of Paint Twp., Highland Co., Ohio, and Descendants"

Marianna Morgan's new "Gilboa Cemetery" book's title is befitting of the detailed descriptions and photographs found on every page of this one-of-a-kind publication containing 336 pages with twelve-page full name index.
I can personally say that in all my years of reading cemetery inscriptions publications and viewing internet sites offering burial information, the format and in-depth biographies offered in Marianna's "Gilboa Cemetery" book surpasses any I've ever seen.
Congratulations Marianna, on "Gilboa Cemetery"!

Obviously, a phenomenal publication, "Gilboa Cemetery" will serve as a premier resource for anyone researching the lives of those who rest in peace at this special burial ground.

Marianna is offering her book for sale.
The "Gilboa Cemetery" brochure is shown below (click on brochure to enlarge it):

...And, below are representative pages that give a glimpse of the scope of material covered in the "Gilboa Cemetery" book:

I extend my appreciation to you, Marianna, for all of your time and tireless work to bring so many nearly lost life stories to light of those who ultimately found peace and rest at the Gilboa Cemetery.

In "Ohio Cemeteries - 1803 - 2003" (K. Roger Troutman, Editor) published by the Ohio Genealogical Society, on page 289, is the listing for Gilboa Cemetery: " GILBOA (5305) - Location: Southwest off TR 319A. Between CR 84A and SR 138. On the bank of Fall Creek. COORD: 39◦ 16’ 18.82” N, 83◦ 27’ 8.65” W – Greenfield. ODRE: 981042-T"

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