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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spotlighting Elmwood Cemetery in Lorain, Lorain County, Ohio

My thanks to Linda Bodnar of Amherst, Ohio for providing her scanned images of the Elmwood Cemetery Wall map and various sections of it as well as section blueprints. 
Elmwood Cemetery memorials on Find A Grave can be viewed by clicking on the title. 
Linda has done an outstanding  job of recording burial information from the gravestones and is in the process of learning more regarding the layout of Elmwood Cemetery from the caretakers. 
Thank you, Linda, for all of your efforts! 
It is my pleasure to share some of Linda's photographs and descriptions here.
The full wall map for Elmwood Cemetery is shown above and various sections are shown below.

Above is the old Veteran's Memorial and below is a close up of the inscription on it
Below is the large Orthodox stone marking the Orthodox section of Elmwood Cemetery
Below are various blueprints of sections at Elmwood Cemetery

Knights of Pythias Markers below
Additional information provided by Linda Bodnar:
Elmwood has 4 entrances from West to East on North Ridge Road.

Entrance 1: The most Westerly entrance enters at Section 5 which includes Helen Steiner Rice's grave and family lot on the east.

Section 5 like many of the sections is spread across the access road to include the area up to the Thew Mausoleum. Then to sections 6,7,8,9,10,11 . Section 5 and 6 are a 1/2 moon on the map. These are all flush grave markers here.
Entrance 2: approaches the chapel through sections 1 and 2. Behind the chapel is sections 3 & 4.
Entrance 3: leads through 12/13/14/15 again sections cross the access road on both sides.

Entrance 4: newest leads through section 16 and 17

"Unlike other cemeteries I've seen where the graves are prenumbered, in Elmwood's case, if I understand their system, the sections and blocks are prenumbered, the graves' numbers are based on the burial number.
I also believe they changed their system at some point, because there are some blocks that are alphabetical.
I included a picture of some blueprints that reference the Orthodox section which contain Macedonian, Russian, Serbian, Hungarian churches, these are located across several sections. Many of these are becoming difficult to read.
I learned that in some cases, the last name, first name are reversed on the stone. You'll see the potters field nearby."

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