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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Remebering my friend and co-worker - Nancy L. Reinholz

This afternoon I visited the gravesite of my friend and former co-worker, Nancy L. Reinholz, who is buried at Whitehaven Memorial Park Cemetery in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. 

Nancy passed away on May 4, 2010; just a few weeks shy of her 66th birthday. 
I was quite saddened to learn of her passing. 

I recently learned her grave marker had been installed so I wanted to go to her gravesite to visit her and photograph her grave marker. 

Nancy always talked about her two daughters, Laura and Jennifer.  She was so proud of them. 
So, I was very pleased when I saw her gravestone that their names were shown as her daughters beneath her inscription. 
I know she would be pleased with that. 

Nancy and I were both typists before we became word processors, and later computer operators.  To me, she was the best.  She later worked in the legal department at Progressive. 

But, most of all I remember Nancy for being a loving mother, a helpful co-worker, and a genuinely nice person who always had a ready smile for everyone around her. 

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