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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 29 2012 Update - Help for Hungarian Inscription on a Gravestone at St. Vincent Cemetery in Sheffield Township, Lorain County, Ohio

Above is another photograph version of this gravestone.
Thanks again to Judith Wilson for sending over this new version.
See below for Greta Koehl's partial translation provided thus far for this stone.
Thank you Judith and Greta. Teamwork!!

From Judith Wilson, who submitted this photograph taken of a gravestone at St. Vincent Cemetery in Sheffield Township, Lorain County, Ohio. It's inscription needs translation. The writing appears to be Hungarian. Below is further information about it from Judith:


"I have spent a considerable amount of time on trying to decipher that stone! It is quite worn so the best photo I could get was while it was wet with a little sun.

Translating in Hungarian: The first word in the third line down is Meghalt - which means "He died". There may be a "4" after that.
The first word in the fourth line down may be Aprilis - which is "April" (thus probably April 20 1902). I can't seem to get beyond that. You would think the word Nyugalina could be deciphered but I've had no luck."

March 28, 2012:

Thanks to Greta Koehl, we have some further translation information to share:

"I know some Hungarian but I can't read all of the letters.

There is the name Eszter third line from the bottom, and in the line above that edes Anya - mother.
Then the last two lines are something like Orol emleke is Aldat a nyugalma - blessed memory [of her] in peace."

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