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Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day & Sharing This Update about the Product D2

First, I would like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Labor Day today!  

Labor Day is a day set aside to honor all those who labor obviously.  So, to learn more about the history of Labor Day click on the title which links to the  U. S. Department of Labor's website where you can read a chronolocgial account of how this national holiday got started.  There certainly are some fascinating historical facts to ponder as we prepare to enjoy our activities in the company of friends and family.

On the subject of "Labor" today, I would also like to share this information provided by Mr. Jonathan Appell, particularly with those whose work is focused on gravestone restoration.  His comments are posted under the category of "Gravestone and Monument Preservation" on the website:  "linkedin."

"There has been some recent confusion about the status of the product D2 Biological Cleaning Solution. After a minor issue with bottling it is now available at the following locations.

I do not normally like to endorse specific products, but D2 is unique. It has performed very favorably with the testing conducted by the NCPTT, and I have employed it in my workshops and projects for many years."

***LimeWorks.us Milford Square, PA 215-536-6706 http://www.limeworks.us/

Granite City Tool Company | Barre, VT | 800-451-4570 | http://www.granitecitytoolvt.com

Granite City Tool Company, Inc. | Waite Park, MN | 800-328-7094 | http://www.granitecitytool.com

Cemetery Preservation Supply LLC Dallas, TX : 214 926-4175 http://www.gravestonecleaner.com/contact-us-3/

Bicknell Supply - Elberton, Georgia 800-241-7105 http://www.bicknellsupply.com/


*** From "SaveAGrave" (saveagrave.net):

 "I am working with limeworks.us to give my readers a discount. If you order from Limeworks.us at you check out screen you will see a place to put "saveagrave" in as a coupon code. This will give you 3% off."
Thank you Jonathan for this update.  

And, thank you 'saveagrave.net' for the additional information about your discount offered on limeworks.us

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