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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sharing an Update - Dean Cemetery, Buckskin Township, Ross County, Ohio

     Scott and Venus Andersen have spent 3 years routinely working at the Dean Cemetery in Buckskin Township, Ross County, Ohio where some of his ancestors are buried.  

     The photographs below illustrate the dramatic progress that has been made both with the clean up of the cemetery's grounds and the gravestones that they have located, cleaned, repaired, and re-set during that time.  
     Thanking Scott Andersen for sharing his most recent photographs taken at the Dean Cemetery:

From Scott Andersen (September 17, 2014):

     "Today, I finally got around to digging up Mary Lawhead's foot stone. We've known where the broken off base was located for some time now, and recently, Venus had located what we have assumed was the rest of the stone buried several inches down, just next to the base. Well, I dug up the whole thing, got the base out of the ground, and the part that had been hidden. What we found though was that pieces were still missing. 

     But, after taking a close look at what we had, I realized that at least some of the missing pieces were over in the "junkyard". 

     The piece that is the top of the stone, with the rounded edge had been lying over there in the pile. So that was quite a thrill, to match up one of those orphaned fragments with a "known" stone. 

     But, there was still a pretty substantial piece of the puzzle missing. After a few minutes of probing the area around the foot stone's location, we found the small piece that you see in the photo."

  (Above - Photograph courtesy of Scott Andersen)
Fragments for Mary Lawhead's footstone.
(Above - Photograph courtesy of Scott Andersen)
All of the found fragments of Mary Lawhead's footstone. 

 (Above - Photograph courtesy of Scott Andersen)
September 17, 2014 longer distance view of the Dean Cemetery 
Below are photographs taken at the Dean Cemetery in September of 2011 courtesy of Scott Andersen
  (Scott Andersen above at the Dean Cemetery in September, 2011)
(Below are two random views of the Dean Cemetery in September, 2011)


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