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Monday, April 23, 2018

This News Story Can Pave the Way for Fremont's Historic Oakwood Cemetery to Get the Help it Needs!

"Fremont history fading away in neglected Oakwood Cemetery"

From the Fremont "News Messenger"
By Daniel Carson
Twitter: @DanielCarson7
April 20, 2018

Excerpt from news story:

"BALLVILLE TOWNSHIP - History means a lot to Jack Ferguson.
For 15 years, he tended to Oakwood Cemetery as its superintendent, working every day next to the burial plots and monuments honoring some of Fremont's most famous residents.
President Rutherford B. Hayes was buried at Oakwood for about 20 years, until the former president's remains were moved to their current resting place in Spiegel Grove. His wife, Lucy, also was originally buried at Oakwood before being reinterred to be near her husband.
Several of Hayes' children and family members are buried around the cemetery's Hayes Circle, with other prominent Fremont residents at Oakwood that include Maj. Gen. Ralph Buckland, 1912 U.S. Olympic bronze medalist Clarence Childs and Russ Christy, founder of the Christy Knife Company.
Ferguson retired as superintendent in 2002, but the historic cemetery and how it looks still mean a lot to him."
 Please click on the Title to read the complete story which is well complemented by a short video and photographs.  

I feel that the Oakwood Cemetery will get the help it needs.  
This news story brings to light that there are several concerned individuals and organizations in Fremont who can pull together to make it happen! 
An example below of a gravemarker 
that was restore to its normal position.

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