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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Remembering Edward H. Miller, Greenfield Banker and Civil War Lieutenant Buried at the Greenfield Cemetery

This weekend Scott Andersen also visited the gravesite of Lieutenant Edward H. Miller buried at the Greenfield Cemetery.  Scott shares some of his knowledge of the history of the life of this Civil War veteran and once prominent citizen of Greenfield, Ohio: 

"Edward H. Miller, 1838-1921, was a banker here in Greenfield.  During the Civil War Edward was a Lieutenant in the 73rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  During the 2nd Battle of Bull Run in August of 1862, he was wounded and listed as killed.  His father and Dr. Milton Dunlap traveled together to Washington to recover his body, and bring him back to Greenfield.  When they arrived there, they found him seriously wounded but alive, recovering in a hospital.   Edward would jokingly tell people for the rest of his life, "I was killed in the Battle of Bull Run". "
"Edward Miller is the Father in Law of my 1st Cousin 3 times removed."
"Edward's wife was Emma Gore 1840-1917, and her headstone is also visible in the photo."


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