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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sharing a Civil War Diary Anecdote about Corporal William "Frank" Dwyer of the 81st O.V.I., Co. "C" Buried at the Greenfield Cemetery

Returning to the Greenfield Cemetery once again to help us remember another Ohio Civil War veteran.  He was Corporal William "Frank" Dwyer of the 81st O.V.I., Company "C".

Thanking Scott Andersen who shares this interesting story and gravesite photographs he took during his last visit. 


"William "Frank" Dwyer is buried at the Greenfield Cemetery.  
During the Civil War he was a Corporal in Company C, 81st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and served alongside my 3rd Great Uncle, Henry DePoy.  
Henry kept a diary of his service in the 81st, and here is an anecdote from that diary.  In November of 1861, the 81st O.V.I. was encamped near Hermann, Missouri, defending the area against Confederates and "Bushwackers": 
"Nov 30th, 1861, Heavy frost last night, this morning very cold, but we built a fire in my tent, and we are made quite comfortable,  Last evening, Frank Dwyer was Corporal of the guards, and one of the guards called for the Corporal, upon which Frank broke out and ran towards the guard,but ere he reached the place he tumbled  into a pit we had dug in the ground, which served as a slop barrel, it was at the time nearly full, it is about three feet deep, and he got greased almost all over, it also raised quite a laugh among the boys, Frank all made a laughing stock of took it all in good humor"
Frank Dwyer was born in Ohio in 1834, and died in 1904.  He was a farmer."


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